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Well… I’m no Rembrandt, but I’m holding my own in my drawing class. It is humbling to tackle something new at my age, yet fun too, because who cares how perfect each attempt is when you are just exploring the pencil for the first time? I’ ve moved from drawing squares and globes to hats and stumps on class 3 & 4. Next week, I’m told we will be doing what my teacher calls a “still life suicide.” He places three objects together one after the other to challange you with proportion an perspective and then throws a sheet over everything and you rdraw over your objects until the picture evolves to look like water that shows what is underneath. He says it is sometimes so frustrating everyone wants to kill themselves (thus the name of the exercise.) We’ll see. . . .

It’s enough to make you want to drink your still life!

About Ginny East Shaddock

Director of Heartwood Retreat Center, Ginny is also a writer. This is her personal blog with essay form writing about life and reflection. My entries are often lengthy and random, because I'm not here to promote or sell anything. I'm not expecting followers - just find this format a good place to think with the pen.

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  1. You have talent! When do you start drawing nudes?????


  2. When my class can bring in a totally cute, young male hard body and I can get away with being an old lady who oogles a young buck without it seeming inappropriate. But not yet. And at this point, I rather not discover I can sit in a room with a naked man and fnd out all I’m thinking of is how to shade his feet so they look in porportion to his calfs. Now, that would be sad.



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