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David and I own a Heartwood Yoga Institute, a 7 acre yoga training facility that features inspirational grounds and comprehensive yoga oriented programs and training. Heartwood is an accredited facility with the International Association of Yoga Therapy, so our property calls to many people who are dealing with challenges, physical, emotional or energetic.  Heartwood is also where we live and teach.       David and I are always involved in new projects – gardening, outdoor design and we enjoy taking advantage of nature’s beauty to sit, reflect and write at heartwood. We’ve created a chakra meditation garden that was featured in Country Gardens magazine, built a labyrinth and a native American Medicine Wheel, a 4 elements fire pit, created outdoor gazebos and pavilions for yoga study and more so our visitors can be spiritually inspired while finding inner peace and deeper connections to nature.  We believe all of life should be a work of art, and we deeply love sharing our world with others, be they writers, yoga students, or our dear friends and family. Heartwood is a dream come true, but it is also a place where dreams are born. Visit our site at Most of my blogging now is done on anther blog we call Heartwood Wisdom Pages. My story continues there, yet I leave this blog in place in respect to the 14 years of posts saved here. One day, I’ll take it down, but someday it might be nice to have a bit of history to revisit to honor my ever unfolding path.


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  1. Hi Ms. Ginny
    I would like help make your world better. What can I do to help?



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