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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Meet ya over there….

I have been cheating on you, dear Blog friends.
I am writing another blog.

The truth is, I’m so busy with a  project that is part life- part business (which makes sense since my business is connected to good living.) that I couldn’t write a causal blog even if I wanted to (which I ache to do.)

I recently spent two weeks working non-stop to build three new websites for my business, which I am dividing into three separate businesses now for reasons I won’t go into as yet. And the Heartwood site, a home and new business David and I are creating, has a new blog which shows what I’m up to nowadays. For now, I’ll be writing there. David may post some entries too, but as yet, its just me.

You can read it and see pictures of Ginny’s life at

I will return to this private, long-standing blog later for those subjects I’d like to share which are not connected to Heartwood. My life is more than my work, even if it doesn’t feel that way lately. For now, I am busy building a new farm-life, enjoying chickens, gardening, and organic lifestyle projects once again. I’m even thinking of getting a donkey. That kind of thing demands a blog in my opinion.

Join me there…… Ya wanna keep up, don’t ya know…… mine is a life that continually expands, contract, reforms and is renewed….. life isn’t easy, but it sure is interesting… or at least I will strive to make it so.