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About Ginny

About Ginny

Ginny East has long employed blogging as a process to poke and prod life. She believes reflective writing reveals deeper connections and teaches us about our relationships with ourselves and the world at large.  Her blog is laden with long essays that go completely against the recommended tips for successful blogging, and the fact that her selected subject matter has no goal or specific theme means she is unlikely to build an audience or create a platform for her writing or other work-related endeavors.  Ginny comes to the page for personal reasons, and whether or not she has an audience for these entries is a moot point.

But, just  in case someone stumbles upon this blog and is curious about the author, Ginny is the founder and director of Heartwood Retreat Center.  This holistic personal growth center is also home to the Heartwood Writer’s and Artists collective, and Florida Reiki Association. She has a  Masters of Fine Arts in writing from Lesley University and a BA in business management from Eckerd College. Ginny is also an ERYT-500 yoga teacher, a member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists), a Reiki Master and a trained Ayurveda Counselor from the Kerala Institute, India, registered with the National Ayurveda Medical Association.

As an author, Ginny has won the Royal Palm Literary Award two times, once for historical fiction, and once for memoir. She also won the New Southerner Literary Award and her piece was selected for the magazine’s yearly anthology. She has a soon to be released book, My Million Dollar Donkey, a memoir that explores social issues, education, and personal awareness gained during a period where she attempted to live a simple life in the Georgia Mountains. The book was born of insight she gained from her daily introspection gained by blogging. Visit her author’s website here.

Ginny has taught students with Downs Syndrome for over twenty years, develops scholarships programs through her business and is an advocate for selfless service to others, teaching her students the importance of Karmic actions to enrich our own lives. She loves sustainable living projects and anything that gets her closer to nature. She keeps chickens and bees, is a organic winemaker, nature art crafter, writer, and mother of three beautiful adult children. She loves kayaking, hiking, gardening, drawing, and self discovery through art and education.


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