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Little things can make a big impact.

I ended up with 5 young lovebirds that sucessfully hatched. Watching them grow and change has been a kick. One baby hatched a full 8 days after the first bird arrived, so I have the luxury of seeing the young birds in different developmental stages side by side, making the miracle of their evolution obvious. They are just now feathering out, and they all have open eyes at last, but they still have a long way to go to look like normal birds. They are tiny, silent, and stay huddled in their dark nest all day. The parents spend most of the day outside enjoying their freedom, probably because 5 young birds huddled together create the warmth necesary to keep them thriving. 
It is time I start hand feeding  them if I want them to grow up extremely tame, but I worry that I’m so busy I may not be able to keep up with the schedule, so I’m not sure I should take over. It’s been an incredibly busy summer. But in the midst of all the work and hustle of my days, I always make time to check my lovebird nest – even if it is only for a stolen moment. Just goes to show there is always something simple to delight in if you slow down long enough to appreciate the little things.

Only a week ago they looked like aliens! Now they are adorable… in a dinosaur descendant sort of way.

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Director of Heartwood Retreat Center, Ginny is also a writer. This is her personal blog with essay form writing about life and reflection. My entries are often lengthy and random, because I'm not here to promote or sell anything. I'm not expecting followers - just find this format a good place to think with the pen.

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