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Ready to return

I just looked up my last post. It was 423 days ago. Eeesh. I am certain I’ve lost my former audience (once up to 8 thousand hits) . But trust me, the time spent away was important – a time of healing  – the kind of thing that must be done in private. 
So, I’m ready to blog again and see where the words take me. Since I doubt anyone is really going to read this, I wont’ bother to write an involved catch up passage. I’m now single. I have a new business. I’m living in Florida and piecing together a new life with slow, deliberate determination. That sums things up.
It feels good to be back.
It feels even better to feel good enough to be back.  

About Ginny East Shaddock

Director of Heartwood Retreat Center, Ginny is also a writer. This is her personal blog with essay form writing about life and reflection. My entries are often lengthy and random, because I'm not here to promote or sell anything. I'm not expecting followers - just find this format a good place to think with the pen.

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