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Cupcakes are coming

October 18th is National Cupcake day. I’m not making this up. I belong to “the Good Cook” book club, and this month, they pointed this “holiday” out with a suggestion to order a cupcake cookbook. I guess this is so we can prepare for the celebration.


I have never celebrated National cupcake day before, but I am thinking, for now on, I might just make it a yearly thing. Do it up right. I happen to feel a bit of an emotional slump in mid-October; a feelings funk that counteracts the feel-good flow that comes on the cusp of fall leaves. This melancholy is already in the air, swirling around me, making me melancholy of late. Perhaps it is a pre-holiday thing. Or an “I can’t stand waiting for my house anymore” thing. But I think it is more a feeling that comes to balance the joy of fall. Contrast. It’s how we stabilize, I guess.


 It occurred to me that having national Cupcake day to look forward to might reprogram my brain; make Mid October something to anticipate with positive enthusiasm, rather than my wanting to crawl under the covers. So, here it is, my official announcement. I am going to go hog-wild with the National cupcake day thing. I will begin by purchasing this recommended cupcake book. There has to be some fun experiments inside to distract me. Cupcakes are supposedly cheery, reaching down and tap the kid in all of us. And for those who like to control proportions, cupcakes are practical. I’ve always been a muffin girl myself, leaning towards the thin thread of healthy alternative (which is a fallacy, to be honest, because my muffins are gigantic and stuffed with all kinds of delectable ingredients that no one could claim as “good” for anything other than satisfying a craving.)


Anyway, I am thinking of cupcakes today. And fall. And wondering if there is a solution to my funk. And the description of Pumpkin-filled spice cupcakes, or Caramel Apple cupcakes or Sunflower cupcakes in this book might just do the trick.


It is all a matter of controlling your how you perceive a thing . . . associating good where you need it. Cupcakes. Why not? I could use a little “sweet” in my life.

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Director of Heartwood Retreat Center, Ginny is also a writer. This is her personal blog with essay form writing about life and reflection. My entries are often lengthy and random, because I'm not here to promote or sell anything. I'm not expecting followers - just find this format a good place to think with the pen.

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