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Figures. I have a wealth of information to write about, and the plug on
the battery on my computer tore out of the socket leaving me without
power. (I’m on a library computer for a short moment.) It is
torture  living without means to write my thoughts down. I forgot
how to write longhand ages ago – readable handwriting went sometime
around the time my eyesight faded.

I will just assume God is doing me a favor to save me from embarrasing myself while here.

The point is, I am filled with inspiration, frustration, and reflective thought. Nothing new, I guess. 

I just didn’t want anyone to assume my not showing up meant something.
I will seek out a battery tomorrow . . for better or worse.

Good night.

About Ginny East Shaddock

Director of Heartwood Retreat Center, Ginny is also a writer. This is her personal blog with essay form writing about life and reflection. My entries are often lengthy and random, because I'm not here to promote or sell anything. I'm not expecting followers - just find this format a good place to think with the pen.

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  1. hearingnotes

    At the Heart of Ginny: Powerless



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